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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
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Chips Spreader (Tail Board ype)
Teak Coat Boiler

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Asphalt Boiler for Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

An insulated storage tank is designed with heating system. It is insulated to prevent heat losses. Tank is equipped with separate automatic electric burner for heating the asphalt. Automatic burner makes a hot gas stream through pipe for heating. 25 mm thick external insulated with steel sheet covering. Temp-Gauge is provided for examining the status leading to uniform quality. It is fabricated by using MS section and plates.

It is having 10, 15, 20 upto 40 tones capacity in various safe like round and U safe.
Bitumen Sprayer

• Fully insulated tank with high performance oil heating
• Air cooled diesel engine
• Positive displacement gear pump
• Fully-circulating spray bar
• Simple pressure cleaning system
• Digital speed indicator


Mechanical Broom (Sweepes)

It is mechanical tractor linked Broom(Sweeper) fabricated from a pressed steel robust design, which gives an excellent strength to weight ratio. Bush sections are supplied in Polypropylene (Nylon) and are easily replaceable. The machine can 2.25 mtrs wide
Chips Spreades
• Full Metering Control
• Variable Spreading Width
• 2.5 Mtrs Maximum Spreading Width
• Suitable for Fitting to all Standred Tipping Bodes
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